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Prevention of email forgery

Why is KDMARC Essential?

Fraudsters can send phishing emails to your customers, partners and employees using your email domain!

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$1.8 billion

adjusted losses due to BEC in 2020 - IC3

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3.1 billion

emails sent from spoofed domains every day- Forbes

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cyber attacks are launched through emails today- Forbes

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of all emails sent over the internet end up in spam- Spam Laws

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of all emails either go to spam or remain undelivered- EmailToolTester

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rise in email threats against businesses globally in 2020- The National News

How Does KDMARC Work?

KDMARC allows you to monitor and manage the standard email authentication protocols- SPF, DKIM and DMARC. By doing this,
it prevents threat actors from sending fraud emails on your behalf.

How Can
KDMARC Help You?


Use KDMARC to avoid financial losses, damaged reputation and loss of customer trust!

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Enables effortless monitoring of multiple email domains

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Prevents email spoofing and email domain abuse

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Boosts your email deliverability and engagement rates

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Provides full visibility into your outbound email channel


What Makes KDMARC Stand Out?


Smart SPF

Alter IPs and email sources in your domain’s SPF record through dashboard without having to visit the DNS.

KDMARC is packed with great features but if I have to point at one of them, it is going to be Smart SPF. The feature's user-friendliness is a major highlight of this feature.



Modify your domain’s DMARC record effortlessly from KDMARC's dashboard without the need to visit the DNS.

While KDMARC offers a range of useful features, Smart DMARC is the most promising feature of this tool. The ease with which we were able to alter our DMARC record was such a pleasant surprise.


Customized Threat Summary

Get an email domain threat summary for any time period as per your requirement.

The threat summary delivered by KDMARC offer all the necessary information about the domain’s outbound email flow. I was specially impressed by the functionality that allowed me to decide the time period for which I was seeking the information


Automated Alerts and Reports

Receive automated alerts and reports of threat details through emails.

One of the best features of this tool is its detailed and easily-understandable compliance reports. These reports give me a clear picture of all the emails being sent from my domain. It offers full information on how many emails are flowing through your domain and how many are landing in the receiver’s inbox!


Smart BIMINew

Set up a new BIMI entry for your domain from the dashboard itself to display your company’s logo in supported inboxes and improve visibility.

We checked out many anti-spoofing tools before KDMARC. What convinced us to buy this tool was its Smart BIMI feature. And to be honest, we aren't disappointed at all. This tool has made it so easy to set up a BIMI record for our email domain, making our emails seem more authentic and easily recognizable.


MTA-STS & TLS ReportingNew

Enjoy enhanced email security and reduced risk of Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks and downgrade attacks.

When it comes to security, KDMARC has it all. With amazing features like MTA-STS and TLS Reporting, the tool has given me peace of mind as I know that my email domain cannot be misused anymore.

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