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DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021

DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021

What Role does DMARC Play in Today’s Email Security Landscape?

The DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021 explores the importance of DMARC for organizations worldwide and the ways it can benefit your organization financially and otherwise.

(Prevent Email Spoofing with DMARC)

In this report, you’ll learn how the rising rate of BEC and email spoofing attacks has made the importance of securing your email domain with DMARC glaringly clear. It underlines the importance of this email authentication protocol in the ever-evolving email security landscape and shows the rate of DMARC adoption around the globe. The DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021 also delves into how implementing this protocol benefits your organization and its financial implications.

DMARC Industry Report 2020-2021 Key Takeaways

$1.8 billion

Adjusted losses due to BEC
reported by IC3 in 2020

2.7 million

Number of valid DMARC policies
observed in the DNS in 2020


BEC complaints received by
the IC3 in 2020


Average number of new DMARC
records per month in 2020

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