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What is an AAAA Record?

An AAAA record maps a domain name to the IPv6 of the computer hosting the domain. An AAAA record is used for finding the IP address of a computer which is connected to internet from a name.

Like the A-record, an AAAA-record (also known as quad A-record) maps the name of your domain to an IP address. On one hand, the A-record works with IPv4 whereas the AAAA-record works with IPv6.

An AAAA record is structured and it is configured the same way as an A record but, it is larger. The resource record type value for AAAA records is 128. Eight groups of 16-bit values are used to notate AAAA records. The AAAA record is defined in RFC 3596.

Same IP can be defined with different names. It is not required for IP addresses to be in the same subnet or to use same routine prefix. For preventing unintentional duplicate definitions, arrange AAAA record in either ascending or descending order.

The AAAA record has the following look in your ClouDNS Control Panel:

Host: Type: Points to: TTL

hostname.com AAAA ipv6:of:your:web::site

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