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What is an MX Record?

A Mail eXchanger record or MX Record specifies the mail server which is responsible for accepting email messages on the behalf of a domain name. MX records are DNS records that are necessary for email delivery.

It is possible to configure several MX records that points to an array of mail servers for load balancing and redundancy. You will not receive an email if MX records are not pointed to the correct location.

If you provide same rank to different mail servers, traffic load to those servers will be shared.

Before Editing MX Records:

  • Know the priority level as well as the name of your mail server
  • Understand that DNS updates take up to 2 hours to take effect

Example of an MX Record

Shown below is an example of MX record 0 mail.EXAMPLE.com

MX records consist of two parts:
  • the priority
    Here, ‘0’ is the priority.
  • Lowe`r the number, higher is the priority.

  • the domain name.
    For example, when you type www. EXAMPLE.com into the web browser, DNS is used for looking up that name in order to determine the IP address of the server to which it connects to. The domain name is EXAMPLE.com.
  • The ‘mail.EXAMPLE.com’ is the mail server to which the priority connects. This varies with what company is hosting your email.

How to Check MX Record?

MX records are compulsory in case you want to custom the email address for your domain. The email servers check the MX records of any server of any email domain before sending them an email. If MX record is not present, then you cannot send emails.

With KDMARC’s MX Record feature, you will be able to see if a domain has a MX record. You simply need to enter a domain name and it will display the MX record of that domain if it has been setup.

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